BIOS flash on a gtX260

So recently i got a gtx 260, that happens to be a zotac amp!2 overclocked card. Now, i'd like to overvolt it to 1.18v or 1.20v
After a really hard time trying to get a bootable usb drive, i managed it and loaded nvflash and the bios rom file. So i restart the computer, open the boot menu, select the usb flash drive and write nvflash -4 -5 -6 gt200.rom (gt200.rom is the name of the bios file), i get an error saying: ERROR: EEPROM not supported (something like this). Now i don't know what to do... :pfff: can someone help me? If needed, i'll post the system specs
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  1. You don't have to flash the BIOS of your GPU to ramp up the voltage. You can use MSI Afterburner or GPUTool for example.
  2. [*** ed up ther card! That would suck, because i waited 8months to get the card. Hehe
    I hope this helps a lot of people. :hello:
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