Overclocking P6TD Deluxe + i7 920

ok.. first of all, i've been out of game for long time :/ im trying to overclock i7 920 with P6TD Deluxe but things seems to have changed. My last overclock was for AMD 64 4400+ x2 :/ so i've got couple of questions as things feel difference while overclocking.

First of, i changed the auto to manual and edited to gain 2.66 standard

Multiplier = x13
Bus = 199
qpi = auto at 3598
cpu v = auto at 1.336
and the temp shows 43c at idle :/

i havent touched ram apart from disabing auto and changing it to ddr3 1666.

i use Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme Rev.C as a cooler and 120 antec fan. 43c idle seem a little high and i havent even overclocked yet. could you please give me a little help on what i should do, whats the safe temp and voltage?
or maybe a little boost to 3.6? :/ im rusty
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  1. ok still overclocking... done some changes

    Multiplier = x20
    Bus = 185
    cpu v = 1.27500
    qpi/dram voltage = 1.27500 (is this voltage safe?)
    CPU Spread Spectrum - Disabled

    running smoothly on 3.7 (for now)

    Stability tested on everest for 5 mins and temp went up to 72.. is this not dangerous?

  2. 72 degrees is fine. 75 is where people start to worry about the 920s, but honestly, even 80 shouldn't do damage to it.

    How high does it get after 10,20,60 minutes?

    1.275 volts is also fine. Did you try any less than that yet? Dropping it incrementally will reduce the temps.
  3. You can get away with 1.20 volts or less @ 3.8. You should also try to leave HT and Turbo on and go with x21 multi. Your idle temp will depend on you ambient temp. If your at 70F inside you should idle at 34 - 38c. My highs hit 64c. The True is a mighty good cooler and will get you to 4.0 on air but you have to keep your ambient down.
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