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I've gotten my phenom 925 to 3.44 ghz. DOW II benchmarked at 55.67 fps(avg) 112 fps (high) and 26 fps(low) all settings ultra (high if ultra not was not an option) with all eye-candy on with physics 1900x1080, roughly a ten percent increase in frames. need to find stable voltage if i want to go higher. post some numbers lets see what how far people have gotten.
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  1. My phenom II is only a x3 (710) with a locked multiplier. My highest stable clock is 3.55ghz (273x13) but it needs a lot of volts to stabilize it at that speed, 1.5v in the bios. My daily is 3.4ghz (262x13) as it only needs 1.425v to be stable at that speed. Even if I had some voltage headroom to spare, I've never been able to run 3.33x memory multiplier, so hitting the limit for my memory at just under 1100mhz in 4.00x multiplier at 3.55ghz.

    Overclocking the CPU from it's stock 2.6ghz has yielded very strong performance results, with many titles jumping 20% or more in FPS, before I got into overclocking my GPU. Both CPU and GPU from stock to OC'd, I am usually seeing a nice 25-35% FPS increase. It is rewarding. :D
  2. nice, i'm probably going to try oc ing my video card on friday.
    i tried bumping my mem up to 1600mhz using the 4x mem ratio in but i had to clear the cmos via the jumper, hopefully i can get the fsb up to 240 to get the 1600 mhz clock on my memory 9-9-9-25 i think, might try to play with timing.
  3. My next CPU will have an unlocked multiplier. While OCing with a locked multi is a rewarding and very educational process, I think I have done my time, and deserve something a little less restrictive, heh. This build was the first one I OC'd in 5+ years, so i needed a refresher on how to git it done.
  4. trying to oc to 3.4 in bios but i'm having issues getting past 3.2 ghz. AOD stability test crashes and steam store page has artifacts. upped core voltage from 1.45 to 1.5 V still no good. when do i need to start upping mem voltage? also what the is cpu-nb voltage? I know nb voltage is north bridge voltage but cpu-nb voltage? currently stable at stock voltage at 3ghz cpu and 1440 mem.
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