E8400 temps, safe to overclock?

I know there are about 1,000 questions on this but I just needed to ask my own. My e8400 (stock cooler) idles at about 38-37C and after running orthos for 10 mins (yes I know only 10 mins) it reached a max temp of 58C. Do you think it would be safe to overclock to 3.6ghz with these temp readings?
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  1. only one way to find out, might be worth setting a temperature shutdown in the bios just in case it goes t*ts up (say 80C).

    would also mention that there are plenty of cheap but effective aftermarket coolers available and if your doing this for long term use - might be worth the expense to keep it cool.
  2. I have an E8400 but use it in a CM Stacker case with a Zalman HSF... average load temps do not get above 38/39 deg. I know the stock HSF is not the greatest in the world.

    This would seem more like case airflow problem than the HSF - you could try running it with the side panel removed and see how much it affects the temps.
  3. I have an antec 300 and the airflow seems great are you sure about that
  4. i have an antec 300(stock 2 fans) + zalman 92mm i can OC and E8500 to 4 gighz and stay under 60 celcius with 70 F ambient. IMO i doubt you should OC THAT much bro. if you are reaching temps of high 50's then chances are you will blow through 60's and 70's overclocked really high.
  5. I oc'd to 3.6 ghz and ran orthos for another 10 mins... I didn't get more than 64C, which leaves me 8C plus if I wanna get a cooler later I can, but definitley not up to 4ghz without a new cooler
  6. 64C with stock cooler @ 3.6 gighz? your stock cooler must kick ass then. usually intel heatsinks suck the big one.
  7. yeah I only ran it for 10 mins though... and 64C seems pretty hot to me
  8. Where are you getting your readings?
  9. wmdwmd123 said:
    yeah I only ran it for 10 mins though... and 64C seems pretty hot to me

    yeah i hear ya man. the zalman 92mm i got on my E8500 keeps it nice and cool at OC though. i know everyone here runs the xig but the zalman is a good alternative.
  10. hwmonitor is where I get my readings... and coretemp but they say the same thing, oh and I ordered a CHEAP aftermarket cpu cooler to see if it would help http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835150083 , .... got pretty good reviews
  11. I have my E8400 @ 4ghz w/ 1.336v (CPU Z loaded reading).
    With XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 for cooling.

    HM max shows 65 C.
    Real Temp max (which I mainly go by) shows 60 C.

    Motherboard/system temps of 26-28 C.

    Ambient ~69-72 F.

    Still need to get it 24/7 solid, Orthos (small) stopped @ 1h..needs some more voltage.

    Unfortunately, I've added about 6-8 C (aka a lot of core voltage) by going from a 3.8ghz clock to 4ghz...so I'm not sure this will be worth it for 24/7, other than knowing the chip WILL do 4ghz. :D
  12. lol the Zalman wins over the Xig again. i think TOMS needs to reevaluate that stupid test they did when they declared the xig as the winner. i have only seen better temps with a Zalman...
  13. I don't think the stock HSF is THAT bad, i've got an e8400 clocked @ 3.6ghz and just applied Arctic Silver 5 and ran Prime95 for 15 minutes with temps as:

    IDLE - 26*C
    LOAD - 55*C
    Amb - 70*F
    vCore - 1.200v

    The AS5 hasn't even passed the 200hours of burn-in time, so i'm assuming these temps will go down by 2-7*C after a few days of use.

    Also, using an Aerocool case with the side fan running 900rmps and stock HSF running max of 1900rpms. Also using the Gigabyte p45 board with the 2oz copper layers, which might help a little.
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