Firewire vs usb

:sol: please help do i need to install camcord software, if iam usesing firewire to download?
i do not have the software
thanks issy
if anyone out there please help :??:
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  1. I don;t htink so, probably will be recognised as a mas storage space.
  2. I think you will need software. It may come with your camcorder, or you may find it as part of a video editing package, or even as part of a simpler package (like Nero) used mainly for burning optical disks. It may appear to be the tool used to capture a video stream from some input port on your PC. Assuming your camcorder's options are set to use its Firewire port (may already be set up as the default option), you use your PC's software to specify that it should capture video from the Firewire port. You also specify the file's name and location on your PC. Then you likely will find a button to click to start the capture, and maybe additional buttons to control the camcorder playback. The fun part is that the camcorder operations are controlled by the PC's software using the Firewire connection. So you can start, stop, rewind, fast forward, etc all via the screen and mouse. The data stream will include BOTH the video and the stereo audio together - there is no need for a separate audio signal connection.
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