Can i install a hard drive from a newer computer into an older one

I would like to know if it is possible to transfer my newer hard drive into a much older machine as a secondary storage facility.
I.E. 2001 hdd into 1998 machine using '98 machine to 'drive' the computer. Erasing any and all programs inc win xp from '02 hdd

please advise as local computer technician hasn't a clue, and claims my slowing machine is due to dust build up on motherboard????

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  1. I think it will work.
  2. At that vintage they should both be IDE drives so I expect it will work. The only thing that may be tricky for a hardware newbie is making sure to have the drives cabled and jumpered correctly. I assume there is also an optical drive in there. If the motherboard is standard there should be 2 IDE ports capable of controlliing 2 drives each for a total of 4 drives. Now to make sure you have dual drive cables and jumper the drives right (Master, Slave and single for some drives).
  3. Most likely. Are you sure this person is a computer technician, or a network administrator?
    I have found that one usually won't know jack about the other.
  4. There could actually be a problem, depending on the size of the hard drive. You plan to use the machine under Win 98, which does NOT have support for something called "48-bit LBA". That is necessary to use any hard drive over 137 GB (by the maker's count, or 128 GB by Microsoft Windows' way of counting). So IF your newer HDD is over that size you have a problem. Otherwise don't worry.

    Even if you were to upgrade your OS to Win XP there might still be an issue for large hard drives, either from the version of XP you use, or from the ability of the machine's motherboard to handle 48-bit LBA. But again, if the drive is smaller than that, it does not matter.
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