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Currently i plan to install Win7 64bit on a 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3. This is the only drive i have in my build and wondered if it would be worth partioning the drive for the OS and applications or getting a second Drive completely specially for the OS.

Would i see any benefit from doing any of this?

I dont have a very large budget so getting a SSD is going to push me way over budget.

Im not sure exactly if i would benefit from having a seperate drive or partition for general media storage but friends have mentioned the idea to me so i thought id ask here.

One final thing, if i got a secodn drive would it be worth RAIDing them in order to maximise performance.

if you need any more info then please ask - sorry if iv not been very helpful im a little confuseda bout this whole thing.
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    Just partition the drive.

    Let c: be 300gb and the rest of the space be d:

    Always goog do hava an independent partition/drive for the Os installation.
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  3. Fantastic thanks for the responce.
  4. partitioning is better option ..for 1 Tb , do at least 2 or more partitions,,

    C: drive for you operating systems & applications & D: drive for datas(for 2 partitions)

    C:drive for OS, D: drive for installing applications , E:

    if have some money get another hdd & use it for only operating system & applications

    are you a extreme gamer or normal home user
  5. Im not a gamer really, i will rpobably play a few mainstream games but nothing major and im not that fussed about it.

    My main use is Video editing and creative software such as CS4 suite. I need alot of space to store all the created files (video and picture files)

    Dos that help? or change your opinion in anyway?
  6. no change ,, better get another drive cheap drive as i mentioned..
  7. manojgj said:
    no change ,, better get another drive cheap drive as i mentioned..

    Thanks for your advice, a second drive is going to stretch my budget but ill definatly look into it.
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