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okay wel title says it all. i seen somewhere on this site where you can download tools to constantly tell you your cpu heat and everything else. hwo do i get that?
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  1. Use google to search for the following free utilities you can download:







    In addition your motherboard and your video card probably have utilities on the cd that came with them.
  2. can i use memtest 86? i have windows 7 64 bit ultimate.
  3. also how can i fidn out if my memory is running at 1333?it seems like none of those support windows 7. and ones that do do not support my cpu which is a amd phenom II x 4 965 BE
  4. I installed Windows 7 Pro 64 bit for my brand new Intel Core i7 860 system. I use Windows XP SP3 32 bit for my old AMD system. I use all of those utilities for both of my systems without any problems. There is one exception. I haven't run memtest86+ (Version 4.0) on my new system yet.

    CPUID provides useful information about your memory. You can also check memory settings in BIOS when you start your pc.
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