Is the Intel Core i5 - 750 stock cooling any good for oc-ing

Is the stock Intel core i5 sufficient for overclocking, at all. if not what do you recommended as a budget solution.

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  1. About 50 posts in the last month asking the same thing. Read a few of them.
  2. I know but i want an answer
  3. I want to know what i should use to cool my cpu instead of stock
  4. Here is a link to a very good web site with a lot of useful information about cpu heatsinks that will help you make an informed decision:

    You can use the Google embedded search feature at the web site to find more information about heatsinks for specific cpu sockets.
  5. You can go to Best Buy and ask them. They are payed to give answers, I'm not.
  6. you guys wasted more time being DBs then if you would have just answered him.

    thats my $0.02 , feel free to stuff it where ever ya like.
  7. Sure SininStyle. I see you don't have any input either.

    Best to learn and do some work on your own than reley on everyone else.

    Jhonny gave an awesome link. Been posted a billion times here. Would of taken the OP less than 5 minutes to find it himself.
  8. I see it as if your to lazy to answer the question when why bother typing. instead of acting all high and mighty why not just link another thread to save everyone time.

    No i dont have any imput because i opened the thread curious on the answer instead some DB wasted my time... his time.. anyone elses time looking for the answer. Atleast john posted a link leading to info instead just flapping his mouth about not getting paid. he didnt get paid yet he contributed you on the other hand are a waste of bandwidth.
  9. As is your input. The OP asked, almost an hour later he got an answer. He could of seen the same answer 10 times in 15 minutes if the op did something besides sitting on thier butt waiting to be spoonfed.

    Ask Jonny what he thinks about this consistently lazy approach to learning.
  10. For price performance, I recommend the Hyper 212+, It's cheap, effective, and it will give you an reasonable OC.
  11. zanraptora said:
    For price performance, I recommend the Hyper 212+, It's cheap, effective, and it will give you an reasonable OC.

    How high would i be able to overclock with this heatsink and fan -

    by the way thank you to zanraptora and Johnny Lucky for actually giving me a suggestion/link.

    I really appreciate it

    Just as a random question does anyone reccomend a mobo for the i5 that runs from $120 - $150 - just askin (no crossfie or sli)
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    Your question about overclocking an Intel Core i5 is backwards. Instead you should identify the specific cpu and ask how high it can be overclocked and still run stable. Tower style heatsinks like the Hyper 212+ can handle it. They're being used successfully to cool the high end cpu's.

    Checkout this Tom's Hardware article for budget P55 motherboards:,2436.html
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