I need a new case..What shoud I buy??

I everybody I have a Q6600 occ to 3.0 4 gb of ocz ram and a 8800gt 1 gb akimbo cooling but i have a creepy tower its a very small one and i need to change it but dont know what to buy can anyone tell me what to buy im loking for the best airflow and a budget of 90-140 dls
THX to all
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  1. I'm totally in love with my Antec Twelve Hundred I got a couple weeks back.
  2. the antec 900 is also a very good case its the mid tower version of the twelve hundred
  3. antec 900 ^+1
  4. I would agree with them and the antec cases are great. I purchased a 1200 a while back for $120 but they're selling the 900 for $99 on newegg(USD).
  5. The Antec 900 is a good case. It is within your price range and it is very popular with gamers:

  6. Case selection is a very personal issue to most people.

    My newest system is in an Antec 900 case.
    Upside: excellent cooling.
    Downside: practically every thing else.
    No removeable motherboard tray
    Not tooless
    Adding/changing drives is a PITA
    Poor cable management (at least, not without a lot of work)
    No air filters (Not a real problem for me because the computer sits on a table)

    I have a GA-EP35-DS3P with a Q6600/TRUE OC'd to 3.6 GHz. Under load (Prime95 X 4), core temps are about 61 C - 65 C with the case fans set to Low. Case fans set to Med or High do not improve cooling. That's good because with the fans set to High, it sounds like a freaking vacuum cleaner sitting on your desk.

    80$ case, i own this one and i REALLY love it. Bottom fan thow air directly to my GPU intake (9800GTX+)

    LOTTA space for adding fans. if you have fan controller, can be QUIET when needed and have AWESOME cooling when your gaming.

    Cable management, TOOL LESS, nice case.

    Cons : Can be kinda loud if you dont have fan controller and loaded with 1900+rpm 120mm-140mm but its like ANY other case ....

    Some people dont like the power and reset button ... i dont know why, i like the way they are.
  8. Sorry about exceeding your budget on the downside, but it is hard to beat the Antec 300 at $60.
  9. OK, this case may only cost $50.00, but it it a VERY solid case, built very sturdy, it's "screwless" and the hard drive mounting makes it so that it's insanely easy to add/remove any hard drives. The "CPU Fan" is a great option and if you dont like it, you can remove the side bar that it attaches to. Only thing i found wrong is the sound cable didnt reach my MoBo, but that doesnt even matter...


    Ps. i really wish they would let you test drive these things, you'd see what i mean, it's a nice case with Terriffic air flow...
  10. For best airflow, it's going to be awfully tough to beat a Coolermaster RC690. You can put 8-9 fans in it, including an 80mm one under the mobo. I've got mine in the living room with four 120mm fans (1xtop, 1xside, 1xrear, 1xfront) and it is audible but unobtrusive; with the rear fan on 10v and the others on 8.5v (iirc).
    Furthermore, with a down-facing 140mm fan, the PSU has its own airflow, pulling up from below the case and exhausting out the back (so don't put it directly on carpet).
  11. +1 Antec 1200. It lowered my temps 10c from my cramped mid tower. See my sig. I have a lot of heat packed in my box. I needed the room and air.

    And believe me. That thing has some room and great air circulation.

    here is some pics of my case before i replaced my golden org II with the sunbeam CCC hs&f:


    edit: you will need cpu power cable and atx cable extensions for sure, maybe a couple of others.
  12. Enermax Uber Chakra

    Most Awesome case. Great Airflow. LOTS of space. Sturdy and Toolless.

    I love mine.


  13. Anything Lian Li or Antec. Beautiful cases. In most cases personal taste has more to do with which case you choose.
  14. Antec 900 Antec 1200 or if you got the budget, Lian Li.
  15. Antec 300 is an amazing case. just picked one up on sale at frys for 35 dollars. given it's size and the fact that it supports 2 120mm fans up front, 1 in the back and side and has a fan up top it should stay pretty cool.

    It was suppose to go to my cousin, now i'm debating about keep it.
  16. Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower? I don't have it but if I was upgrading to a new, full-size tower, I think I would choose that one.
  17. +1 for CM 690. I just bought one about a month ago for my new build and love it. It was even bigger than I expected, and has great airflow. The toolless thing is pretty convenient, and so much ventilation you don't have to worry about the hot air getting trapped in there.

    I also think it looks a lot better than the Antec 900.
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