MSI P35 Neo3-F: Weird temps

A MSI P35 Neo3-F arrived here with a C2D E7200 (CPUID shows step 6 Rev M0 ). I put the bundle to run, but i noticed some weird temps.
hwmonitor is showing the CPU temp at 49-50ºC on idle@stock speeds, but the core temps runs around 21-25ºC.
I have a Coolermaster Hyper TX2 greased with Artic Silver 5.
I really dunno if i can trust in these readings...the last bundle (Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 + C2D E6300) with the same case, cooler and thermal paste was running @ 2.8Ghz and was reaching 60ºC at full load...can somebody give me a hand?
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  1. Make sure you've updated it to the latest BIOS version to make sure it fully supports the newer e7200. The newer 45nm CPUs have different offsets for their internal temp sensors than did the older CPUs like the e6300, so make sure your temp reading software is update to the latest version that supports the newer CPUs.
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