Hitachi hard drive make the system frozen

I bought a Hitachi deskstar 1TB 71000K the day before yesterday. and I installed Vista Ultimate 32 on it just with the Nvidia driver, and two anti virus softwares, Microsoft security essential and McAfee internet security 2009. The system kept frozen again and again except under safe mode.

Before I installed this hard driver, everything running smoothly. I just switch the previous hard drive which running for the system to this new one and reinstalled the system. The hard drive sounds strange during it the system frozen.

Does anybody has some idea what make that happened?
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  1. What sort of noises is the hard drive making? Constant clicking noises? Also, it isn't a good idea to run two anti-virus programs side by side, as they can interfere with each other and cause your system to crash. Perhaps that is the issue. Try uninstalling one and see if that works.
  2. It is the problem of the two anti virus.

    Thanks a lot. It is difficult to describe the noise, sound like you gas the engine again and again, but not that loud.
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