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have been trying to install my packard bell diamond 1200 plus scanner onto my windows xp computer,but when i placed the cd in the drive the message read that it wasnt being recognised this scanner was previously installed in the same computer but got uninstalled for some reason or other,i have recently went wireless could this be a factor?Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated before i get computer rage lol!oops forgot to ad that im on windows xp thanks
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  1. The fact that you're now using a wireless device should not make any difference. When you're using this disc, does it actually proceed with the install and then fail at detecting the scanner? Or does the installer never actually run?

    If the installer runs, but fails to detect, it is possible that your scanner has failed and may need to be replaced.

    If the installer does not run, you can try to find the drivers from Packard Bell's support site. This way you can download the most recent drivers and avoid using a potentially bad disc.
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