Overclocking Evga 8800 GT Video Card, is my temp good? What Temp shoul

i have a dual slot 8800 GT video card and i tried to over clock it for the first time from the stock 600mhz to 700mhz reaching a temp of 67-70 degrees C, i Used EVGA Precision Software and everything seemed to work stable although i only tested it for a few minutes.

I tested it with Crysis and when i overclocked it i was able to play on all very high settings(Enthusiast) and 1280x780 res. without problems.

What are the Temperatures a Video Card Should run on, to not cause problems?

Also whats the Max this Video Card can be overclock without problems.
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  1. 700mhz is around the typical limit for 8800gt's lower binned g92 core with 112 sp, although you can certainly try higher. Some people have gotten 750mhz before. For 8800gts/9800gtx's g92 with full 128 sp, the limit is 750-800mhz.

    For temperature, it's fine as long as it's below 85C. Use this for stress test, stability mode, default resolution, no aa.
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