Why wont my computer detect my DVD drive

Hello, I have a compaq presario F700 lap top and for some reason it wont detect my internal DVD burner and also my laptop has had problems starting up at times recently were it takes forever to start but now it's starting up ok but it still wont detect the DVD drive, I did a virus scan and everything was ok but when I look to see if it shows my DVD drive its still not there, I'm running windows vista...what could be causing this problem and how do I fix it?
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  1. I would first check the BIOS screens (normally press Del key as computer boots) to see if DVD drive detected there. If so, next check Windows Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager. See if it's present or yellow flagged.
  2. I didnt see it in the device manager....no yellow flags no DVD drive either and i went to boot order and I saw it in there.
  3. I think there's a registry fix for optical drives. I've seen a post on this forum so have a dig.
  4. Had the same problem went to the web site below (Microsoft) after spending half a day trying to update the driver and it fixed it in 5 minutes.

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