I am dumb... RMAing video card, will I have no graphics?

Okay I am dumb. I am RMA'ing my 8800 GT back to EVGA sometime soon but I don't want to be without my computer for 2 weeks. Will I be able to have any basic sort of graphics? Enough to at least browse the internet... I know my motherboard, the Ep35-DS3L doesn't have onboard graphics but I am having a brain fart moment.

Ok thanks.
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  1. No you won't.

    Just go buy a cheap 7300gs at Office Depot and take it back when you get your 8800GT back. Or if you want to be even more of a dick, go to BestBuy and nab a ATi 4850 and use until you get your card back.
  2. Order an open box video card from newegg. They'll get it to you in 4-5 days, sometimes less. It's much cheaper than best buy, etc. They start at around $22 shipped.
  3. I have a few computers I look after so I keep both an AGP and an PCIe video card as spares.
    Zero one die has the best idea with the Newegg open box video card.

    Noya is just an idiot who causes us to pay more for our toys.
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