Whats the best brand of memory for a Dimension 2350

i posted in the Dell section but figured i might get some more or better responces here in the memory section.
i have an old Dimension 2350 (5-6 years old), P4, 2.2mhz and want to max out the memory, but dont know which brand would be best to get.
it came with a 256mb stick and right after i first got it, i added a 512mb stick, but have no idea now what type or brand they are...i know it uses DDR PC2100, but thats about all i know, there are soooo many different brands and some seem too good to be true (price wise), and those probably are only as good as what you pay for them, so i'll most likely stay away from the ElCheapo specials...i figured i'd just buy 2 new 512mb sticks and then i'd know exactly what's in there...and would it make any difference if i get one single 1Gig stick as opposed to two 512mb sticks?
i'm trying to upgrade this old Dino-putersaur as best as i can coz i cant buy (or build) a new one at this time...i already ordered a pci video card and a new psu and would like to also max out the mem at 1Gig while i have it open and everything apart.
any and all suggestions are appreciated.
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  1. DDR has now been superseded by DDR2 and is thus becoming more expensive as supply dries up. The PC number refers to the speed, so DDR PC2700 and DDR PC3200, which are more common, will work just fine in place of DDR PC2100. Even the top brands also sell cheap stuff, so you can't tell by brand alone. According to the Dell web site, the max size DIMMs the PC can use are 512MB, so 2x 512mb is what you'll want to get (unless you decide it's cheaper and much faster just to buy a modern MB/CPU/DDR2 RAM, which it may very well be). This looks fine: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820141212
  2. Thx very much for your input/thoughts...
    looking at the pqi sticks available at newegg, it seems that the pc3200 has more negative ratings/comments than the pc2100 or pc2700 due to the sticks either arriving dead or becoming dead after only a short period of time! hmmm, i wonder if it's fairly common for pqi sticks to arrive DOA...or is this a problem no matter what brand?
    their pc2100 and pc2700 ones seem to have better reviews overall for only a few dollars more than the 3200.
    there are even several comments saying that they should have bought the Kingston instead of the pqi...lol.
  3. I didn't look at the reviews, just the price. Kingston is definitely a high-quality brand. Stick to PC3200, though, as next year when you want to sell the pieces of this system after buying/making a new one, they may still have some value on ebay; slower ones won't.
  4. Thx again for your input...
    was thinking, maybe i'll just do the video card and new psu for now, they have been shipped and i expect them in another day or so...
    save the new mem sticks for the near future since i already have qty 1 256mb and qty 1 512, that seems to be ok for now...i did find my receipt for the 512mb stick tho...got it from Crxxxal way back in 2004...lol
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