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Hey guys so I was looking through the forum and saw that many of the questions were answered here so I decided to give it a shot lol
CPU: Intel core 2 QUAD Q9550
Motherboard: Gigabyte EP43-UD3l

SO what I wanted to do was get past 3.52 ghz overclocked.. I oc'ed my quad core but my computer only says it recognizes 3.4 ghz soo here are the bios specx

Robust Graphics: Auto
CPU clock ratio: 8
Fine CPU Clock: .5
3.52 (415X8.5)
CPU host clock control: Enabled
cpu Host frequency: 415
PCI express frequency: 100
CIA 2: disabled
System Memory Multiplier (SPD): 2.00D
(800 830)
DRAM Timing: manual
tRCD 4
tRP 4
tRAS 12
CPU Vcore 1.3V
CPU term 1.3v
CPU ref .807V
MCH Core Auto
ICH I/O 1.550V (normal)
Dram Voltage 1.9V

I tried going higher than 415 for my cpu host frequency but, the computer wont let me
Thanks for your time and help
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  1. What kind of memory, cooler, and case? What's your CPU VID? Is the CPU or memory failing the overclock.

    What are your under load core temps running?

    You still have room to increase your CPU core voltage. What happens when you try?

    Keep your core volts under 1.3625 volts, and your load temps under 70 C.
  2. Try changing your RAM timings to 5-5-5-18 and CPU Vcore to 1.3625v.
    That should hopefully give you a little more headroom.
  3. Okay soo my other specs that you guys were asking about

    Case: E Lite cool master
    Ram: Kingston HyperX T1 DDR2 1066 Dual channel
    Video Card: Radeon HD SAPPHIRE 5770
    Cooler unit: Zalman 9500A 92mm 2Ball

    I've tried changing the volts and tinkering with ram timings by leaving it at auto (which makes it go to 5-5-5-18). The computer boots up and then just restarts, instead of making the beeping noise. Unless I'm confused on what you guys are talking about then I've been lost hahaha.
    But thanks again for the help!
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