CPU fan wont run or wont throttle

Ok so little less then a week ago my fan stopped wanting to throttle, or run at all. Constanly over heating, i cannot play anything the makes the cpu rush harder like a pc game ( halo, maplestory etc). Its an acer aspire 5050. Ive tried to open it but i lack the screw driver to fit in the deeper holes. Ive been able to open the middle where the video card and ram go, and i tried to vacuum it as best i could fitting it in the side. Ive also removed some of the vent coverings so its fuly opened. If it will run the fan it wont throttle.

It actually just started running like it used to as i started posting this, but i know it wont let it run for long.

Can anyone tell me if its the heat sink, or the sensor as i think its got that. Or maybe the cool and quiet driver is messed up, or just dust i havnt been able to reach.

Ive run programs like speedfan and NHC and they can sense the temperature of my laptop, but none can sense i have a fan.

Running windows XP AMD processor 64 mobile
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  1. Most likely it's a physical problem with the fan -- if you're lucky, it's just clogged with dust; if you're unlucky, the fan needs to be replaced. It shouldn't cost more than $10 to get a small screwdriver set that will fit in the holes -- you really need to open the computer up to see what the problem is.
  2. Money is way tight for me but i will get it asap. For now i run a fan next to it and it keeps it very cool. The fan was running earlier but its not wanting to right now.
  3. +1 for Mondoman's explanation and advice. Get a cheap screwdriver, it should only be a few bucks. Make sure it is the right type, probably a #1 small or #2 larger Phillips tip.
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