Multi channel fan controller

How can I make my fan controller control more than one fan on a channel? can I just be cheap and split the 3 pins into another fan?

Could I still achieve maximum volts on each fan or would the max volt be split between the 2 fans?

can i buy splitters?
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  1. u can splice them together...

    The volts will be the same, the fans will just draw more amps and watts but not volts. Like all ur Sata Drives are all on 1 12v line, but the voltage doesnt change. Just the Watts and amps.

    So check to see how many watts per channel u can do (watts/12 (volts)= max amps for each channel)
  2. depending on the fans and the controller you might get off lucky and be able to use a splitter... like this:

    But sometimes you have to splice the cords
  3. Yes, yes and yes.

    Voltage is split and current doubles when loads (i.e. fans) are in series.
    Voltage is shared evenly when parallel loads are connected.
    Join the extra fan's wires to the same cables that the original controlled fan was on.
  4. Alright cool, thanks alot for all the answers, I'll get some of those splitters.

    Silverion77, the max amp per channel is 1amp, and the fans are 12v,so I should be fine with 4 fans, right?

    Thanks alot for the help everyone.
  5. The fans say
    0.24A (Max.) and 2.88W.
    So I should get away with 4 per 1A channel right?
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