Unlocking cores of AMD Phenom II 550BE with MSI 790GX-G65

Unlocking and having a successfull boot up is not happening here. I have BIOS v4.0 on my mobo. Going into the Cell Menu, enabling Unlock Cores is fine, Changing ACC to auto is fine, and changing the individual core read to manual to see all cores enabled is fine as well. So far, everything about how to enable the 3rd and 4th core is typical. However, posting gives me the typical single beep and I see 'Starting Windows' script appears (Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit) but the system looks like it is starting the logo of Microsoft coming together and it freezes right there.
I did the following to try to get past this point in the exact order shown:

1. Disabled the 4th core. No improvement.
2. Disabled the 3rd and enabled the 4th core. No improvement.
3. Disabled both the 3rd and 4th cores. No improvement.
4. Bumped CPU voltage from auto (1.34vdc in small increments, not exceeding 1.398vdc) The chip specs go up to 1.425vdc and I do not want to get close. Of course, no improvement.
5. I brought the cpu voltage setting back to auto and set all core unlock parameters back to original (2 cores, locked) and the sytem boots up normally

So...........Does this mean I just have a stubborn cpu that is just not meant to be unlocked? Am I missing something? I can live with the two original cores, but I was hoping for a 'bargain' investment to 4 cores. What's another $90 for a 965 cpu?
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    seems that you got a phenom II 550BE that actually only has 2 stable cores, of course no one in their right mind buys a 550BE EXPECTING all the 4 cores to unlock and be stable
  2. I'll survive... outside of a multi-core application that would benefit having more I will be fine. Time to overclock it to I would say 3.8MHz for consistent running. After all, I have a Megahalem cooler with push/pull Scythe slipstream 1,900RPM 138CFG rated fans!!!
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