Pre/Post system freeze.

I have built a low grade system for Moms, but upon kicking on the power it stick just after Ram read. So, what I get is Bios info, delete to go to Bios, f11 to go to something else, then processor reads blah blah 3.15, last is the RAM read at 2 mb dual channel.

And that is it. Nothing happens, and I can not get anything to work. I have unpluged and repluged, exchanged motherboards, tried a different power supply and nothing works. I am a deer in head lights.

It has got to be something small. I hope.

Intell E8500
ECS G31T-M mother board
1mb X 2 Ballistix ram.
Seagate 500G 320 Sata
Sata optical drive.
Using onboard graphics and sound for now.
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  1. Check the voltage on the ram? Try a stick at a time, etc. Strip off anything that you don't absolutely need for testing purposes.
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