Potential way to over volt fans using speedfan works for any version.

i posted a long time ago here to ask if there was some way to overvolt pc fans in speed fan. the only replies i got were thing on how it isnt possible. well well well i have found a config file that controls the maximum percentage for the fan. while tweaking this in notepad because i didnt have word i finally got to save it and it said that i couldn't save it as a config file. i have yet to get word or a program that can save it as a cfg file. i havent tried it when it goes over 100% because of obvious reasons but i suppose that the voltage would increase as it would normally. i dont have the file name with me right now but its might be the speedfanparameters or speedfan.config.

set the max rpm to something over 100% then save it as a config file then see what happens wwhen you put it over 100 tell me if it goes over its normal max rpm or just shuts off.

thanks for any reply.
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  1. If a fan is rated at 2000 RPM at 12V and you connect it to a header that is at max 12V, then thats the max you can get. You cannot do it. It's basic electronics, very basic. Even basic electricity, even more basic. You can't get more than 12V no matter what you do.

    If you were to increase the 12V to 14V then you could overvolt the PC. But since there is NOTHING on a PC including aftermarket fan controllers that go over 12V then you can't overvolt or go past the max of the fan.

    You could buy a seperate power supply that is adjustable from say 10V to 20V and play with it.

    I guess you might need to read up on voltage and how it is used. A simple basic electronics course semester at your local community college would do just fine.
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