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I want to buy a new GPU for my pc but I don't wanna spend too much money...I was thinking of either 2 Nvidia 9800GTX(SLI) or an ATI 4870 or a Nvidia GTX260...I want to have the best performance possible and also I'd like to benchmark too...Which do u think would be the best of these?My motherboard is a Gigabyte n650sli-ds4l so I don't have the opportunity of buying 2 4870s - for example - and crossfiring them and I can't afford buying 2 Nvidia GTX260s!In my opinion the best combination is the first one with 2 Nvidia 9800GTX...I'm waiting your opinions...Thanks in advance...
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  1. I'd forget 9800GTX SLI. It costs more than a HD 4870 and more than a GTX 260, and it's not always working as nicely as advertised. For example here's a benchmark where a single HD 4870 beats 8800GT SLI (which is very close to 9800GTX SLI). The GTX 260 almost matches the 8800GT SLI too.

    HD 4870 $220 with free World of Warcraft

    GTX 260 $200

    Performance-wise, they're very close. For example 82 fps for HD 4870 and 74 fps for GTX 260 are the same thing for normal human eyes and normal LCD monitors.

    What kind of PSU do you have? The HD 4870 and the GTX 260 both require a 500W PSU or larger, according to Visiontek and BFG respectively.

    Edit: If you can find another $200 later, and your PSU is 750W or larger, get the GTX 260 so you can do SLI eventually. If not, I'd say the HD 4870 is a better deal, especially if you don't have WoW already.
  2. I have a 620 watt PSU...The thing is that in the first link u gave me, there's 1 a big difference between 2 9800GTX and a 4870...I'm gonna play at 1680x1050 and at that resolution 2 8800 are better than everything else...Eh?
  3. In terms of what is the best card it really depends on your set up, and you answered your own question really.

    So if your gonna play at 1680x1050 and two 8800 are the best at that res, then get two 8800, i dont see the problem?
  4. I m not gonna buy 8800GT but 9800GTX...Also I want to benchmark but play games also at 1680x1050...I think my screen's max resolution is that...Can u check it out please? Samsung SyncMaster 205BW...But would it be better a 4870 or a GTX260?
  5. First off: Is your mobo SLI or CF cabable?

    Secondly, theres no point to SLI'ed 9800 GTX's with the 9800 GX2 on the market.

    A 4870 usually beats a 260, but it depends on the game. Your choice would probably be dependent on your motherboard.

    a single 9800 GX2 would push your current PSU, and two of them would force a PSU upgrade to a 1KW PSU.

    I'm not sure offhand how big a PSU you would need to CF two 4870's, but you'd be just as good off with a single 4870X2, especially if you have a NVIDIA chipset.
  6. I have a SLI capable mobo and GX2 there's not on market here...What should I do?
  7. Get a HD 4870 or a GTX 260 then.

    The HD 4870 is better. On the other hand, the GTX 260 would allow you to add a second card later in SLI. (OK, you'd need a new PSU for that, something between 750W and 1000W, according to the nVidia recommendations. Also, you don't really need GTX 260 SLI unless you buy a 24" monitor or larger.)

    BTW, your monitor works at 1680x1050 max. For that resolution the HD 4870 1GB is overkill. The 512MB version would be just as good and it's cheaper.
  8. So in your opinion 2 9800GTX SLI isn't the best for my pc...But, in benchmarks, 2 9800 aren't better than a HD 4870??
  9. If you get the right GTX 260 it will do far better than a stock 4870:

    The right GTX 260:
    "216 processing cores"

    The wrong GTX 260:
    "192 processing cores"

    Since you have an SLI board that would seem to be the best buy. You will probably never buy a second because by the time you need it there will be far better cards and platforms available... but you should get it, and hurry so you can get a free Far Cry 2 in the mail after registering ;)
  10. Thanks a lot but as I can see in this page,745.html 2 9800GTX have a great difference with all the others...Also I've heard the best about these cards in SLI!
  11. LOL at those benchmarks. 9800GTX SLI beating GTX 280 SLI, according to them.

    Look, if you buy a GTX 260 Core 216 or a HD 4870 you will obviously be unhappy, even if it works perfectly. Just get the 9800GTX SLI so you can sleep well at nights, OK? Your MB and PSU can handle it all right. Just make sure you get 9800GTX+, not the older 9800GTX.
  12. For some reason I can't edit my post...

    I found another weird benchmark there. 9800GTX SLI 143 fps, 9800GX2 90 fps. I just can't believe these numbers. They should be a lot closer.
  13. I've found a 9800GTX+ card but it's TwinTech... ..I wanted to buy a gigabyte card or at least evga...Is there a big difference between 9800GTX and 9800GTX+?
  14. Never heard of TwinTech, sorry.

    Yes, the difference is pretty big. Very big in some games. The 9800GTX+ is based on newer 55nm technology (as opposed to 65nm for the 9800GTX). This allows it to run at higher clocks and consume less and stay cooler.

    I don't like the price at all. 169 euros for a 9800GTX+, that's almost 370 for the SLI. I'd rather have a HD 4870 X2 for 450 euros instead, or a HD 4870 1GB for 246 euros.
  15. LOL, OK, I really need the editing feature fixed. I can't even multiply correctly. 169*2 is 338, not "almost 370" :)

    Anyway, the idea is you should try to get a single powerful card rather than two smaller ones. Not all games scale well for multiple GPUs.
  16. So better a 4870 or a gtx260 than 2 9800GTX(not plus)?
  17. Yeah... Maybe even a GTX 280 or HD 4870 1GB, if you have the money. GTX 280 is 409 euros and GTX 260 is 309 euros at

    Check out these benchmarks before you decide:
  18. I just saw that I may possibly order 2 Gigabyte 9800GTX+ and I don't know why, I believe it's the best....:P
  19. All right, this thread won't change your mind so you might as well stop here. You'll be fine with the 9800GTX+ SLI. Just don't get your hopes up too much, OK? It's not really the best, but it's close enough.

    Check this out:

    In Lost Planet, a single GTX 280 or GTX 260 beats the 9800GTX SLI, at least in some benchmarks.
    In Bioshock, a single HD 4870 beats the 9800GTX SLI.
    In Crysis the GTX 280, GTX 260 and HD 4870 all beat the 9800GTX SLI, at least at 1280x1024.
  20. I know that and you're absolutely right but in call of duty for example 9800 SLI is higher than the others and the games i play are the most like this...Wouldn't it be better 9800 SLI for this type of games? Also, I want to hear more opinions, not only yours, and If you believe that a 4870 or a GTX260 would be better at games such call of duty please tell me!
  21. You need to find more benchmarks. Try something like "9800GTX+ review" in Google.
  22. Since he has a nvidia chipset, his options are this:

    1) Get the SLI 9800 GTX+: You can add a thrid one later if you need some extra ommph

    2) Get a 260, and SLI later: A bit more expensive in the long run, but should hold out for longer.

    3) Get a 280, maybe SLI in a year: Much more expensive, probably not worth the $$

    4) Find a 9800GX2, SLI if needed: Still holds up against a 280, and a lot cheaper. Getting hard to find though...

    5) Get a 4850x2 or 4870x2: The ATI option; I would assume the 4850x2 would scale better than 2 9800 GTX+ in SLI, and the 4870x2 crushes everything in its path. You also avoid the hassle of SLI entirely with this option.
  23. OK...I might buy 2 9800GTX+ and SLI them...I believe it's the best...The other way is a GTX260 or a single 4870...I'm confused!:S
  24. Nah, a 4870 is about equal to a single 9800 GTX+, and without the ability to Crossfire, I wouldn't go that route (a 4870X2 would be OK though).

    The advantage of the 260 is it should hold up better then the 9000 series would, but would cost more. Its a matter of prefrence.

    And again, if you can find one, I recommend a 9800 GX2 over SLI'ed 9800 GTX's.
  25. a 9800 GX2 is very expensive here...I'm gonna buy 2 9800GTX+...I have Gigabyte mobo...Would it be better if I buy Gigabyte cards or there's no prob with EVGA for example|?
  26. 2 9800 GTXs are stronger than 1 GX2, and have a much higher min frame rate most of the time.

    The 4870 isn't stronger than 2 9800 GTXs in sli, but its definately alot more reliable.

    I'd go for the 4870 or the 260 GTX, which ever is cheaper should be ur choice. I would go for teh 260 GTX since u have an sli board, and u might be thinking further down the road, that it's time to upgrade to sli:)
  27. And if I buy 2 9800GTX+ would it be better if they were Gigabyte-as my mobo is Gigabyte- or it's just the same if the cards were EVGA?
  28. Would it be better a 9800GTX+ SLI or a GTX260 SLI? In all benchmarks 9800GTX+ are veeeeeeery high in contrast with GTX260 SLI which are veeeery low...
  29. no they aren't the 9800 GTX+ has a hard time keepign up with the 4850 (which it does) and the 260 GTX is in the 4870 category. The 260 GTX also has 384 megs of extra ram, and if you go for the 4870 1 gig u get more;)

    Personally i wouldn't go near the 9800 GTX+ revisions, if your going to sli 2 9800 GTX+ ur better off getting 1 9800 GX2, it will be cheaper, less hassle, and also almost keep up with the frames.

    Personally I'd go with the 260 GTX for ur board, and no u don't need it to be the same brand as ur motherboard. I have Asus motherboard, and bfg 280 GTXs:)
  30. Nice...But I saw in benchmarks that at almost all of them 9800GTX+ is higher than GTX260... :S
  31. I've been using two 8800GT 512MB's for a year now, and would have to say my vote for sure is 9800GTX SLI. More often than not that will offer better performance than an HD4870 or even GTX280.

    Cost wise, it may or may not be a great option for you. If they are significantly more mony than 8800GT or 9800GT, I'd say go for two of those.

    Take a look at all the games in this review and see just how well 8800GT SLI does vs your other mentioned options.

    Here's one that contain 9800GTX+ SLI (again, just linking the first game, make sure to check each one, or at least each one that matters to you)
  32. Oh, and buy whatever brand you want (like evga) ... no NEED to stay with Gigabyte cards because your mobo is a Gigabyte. (edit: I see Liquid answered this already).
  33. Thnx for all! I just wanted to check if it's better to buy a Gigabyte...!So, I'm gonna buy two EVGAs 9800GTX+ because I really loooove the cover they have! :P (I'm gonna buy NZXT Lexa case, so that the cards can be viewed! :P )
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