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I currently have a 150gb Velociraptor as my OS hard drive and an older 250 gb WD hard drive as my storage hard drive. I'm looking to upgrade my storage hard drive to a 1 tb model around $100.
Speed is not a factor , but reliability is. Any good suggestions?
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  1. Every vendor has had it shares on bombs reliability wise ....the 7200.11 series had issues for Seagate and the Raptor had as high as a 1 in 4 failure rate according to's I don't think it's safe to go on brand name alone.

    Unfortunately, it takes year's before ya can recognize a stinker. I notice that the 7200.12 comes in a lot of NAS kits but I gotta guess that's more due to it's low noise and temps as compared to other performance drives more than than any reliability consideration.

    The Seagate you listed has an annual failure rate of 0.55%....roughly 1 in 200 ...... WD doesn't publish theirs.

    If performance is not a key issue for you, I'd suggest any of the "green" drives.

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