XFX double lifetime warranty?

I just bought my buddy's old XFX 8800 GT Alpha Dog (640/1600/1900) 512 for $85. He has had quite a few problems with it: it randomly resets the display driver and artifacts, as well as idling at nearly 60 C. He has never overclocked.

I bought it because I heard that XFX has an exceptional warranty, one that can be transferred directly to the second owner of the card. Had a few questions...

1. How does this happen?

2. Will they send me a brand-new card, no questions asked, if they hear about the existing problems?

3. Do I need a copy of the original receipt?

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  1. i've dealt with it before, i was the original owner, but i didn't have a receipt, i just went to the support section of the site, talked about the problem, sent in my 6600 and they sent me back a 7600GT. best of luck.
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