Carbonite online backup or second HD in raid 1?

The setup for my new pc will likely have a SSD boot drive and a 1TB storage drive. I was going to get a second 1TB drive and duplicate it in raid 1 but for $90 I could get close to two years of Carbonite online backup which also protects against an on site disaster whereas the raid 1 setup would not (house burns down, flood etc). Does anyone else here use Carbonite?
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  1. RAID1 is great for some things. Its best application is in scenarios where no downtime is acceptable - the system must keep running even when there is a failure of one HDD, and you can wait until some planned time to fix the problem. I have a RAID1 system running in a retail store Point-of-Sale system. BUT RAID1 is NOT a substitute for a good Backup system with offsite storage. You can do that well with online services like Carbonite, or with external hard drives as long as you disconnect that unit and move it to safe offsite storage when not in use. I can't comment on Carbonite directly - never used it myself.
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