Whats your thoughts on the asetek lclc liquid cooled setup

i have a am2+ setup with a phenom 940 and an m2n32-sli-deluxe board and i want to experiment with liquid cooling but just the cpu for now, maybe northbridge later
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  1. The lclc is just about the same as the corsair h50. They are both made by asetek.

    It is not really considered liquid coolong because it does not perform the best. Many air coolers have better performance then the lclc/h50. If you are looking to get into liquid cooling i would advise you to make a full loop and not a small cooler like the lclc.

    While it is a decent cooler, a full water cooling loop will cool much better. Especially if you are going to add the nb and/or gpu's in the loop later on.

    I hope that helps!
  2. I agree with Overshocked completely.

    I experimented one time with a water cooler similar to the h50/lclc (Cool-it Domino) and though it did an adequate job of cooling the CPU I actually ended up with other motherboard components running warmer due to the removal of the CPU heatsink fan.

    I also noted that my TRUE 120 air cooled the CPU just as well with no adverse effects on surrounding motherboard components so I switched back to the TRUE 120.
  3. You'll get no better than a solid air cooler heatsink.


    It's unfortunate, but for lower temps (my i7 loads at 55C) it costs a lot more. It's mainly physics.

    You need lots of surface area to remove the water temps to the air. Meaning a radiator, they are MUCH more complicated than a Air cooled heatsink. Then you need a really well engineered CPU block to remove the heat. And a quality pump able to move the water at a minimum flow rate and not quit in the 3rd year of watercooling. Plus quality hose etc.

    It really adds up fast for a proper quality watercooling loop. I'd like to say $250 minimum but with experiance and some ugly parts you can do it hopefully for $150.

    A really good WC CPU loop that will take your CPU and Mobo to the max will be about $300. And using very quiet, almost silent fans.

    There is wannabe watercooling, and then there is real watercooling. You pick.
  4. ^ I agree shadow.

    the LCLC and the H50 is just advertising. Like saying this is better because it uses water. Its not necessarily true. Ill admit having tubes running in your system looks pretty cool. But an air cooler will beat it.
  5. AAAAAAAAAAH! Vindication! Where were you guys a while back when I took a hit for suggesting the H50 wasn't that good?
  6. ^hehe linky please?

    Where were you guys when i got torn apart when i said that i dont use vdroop and explained why?

  7. ^ Posted there. Just too many stupid people who are just @ssholes and don't listen and know WTF they are doing, hence why I haven't posted here often (for the past 2-3 weeks).
  8. Shadow, i 100% agree. I still post here, but i never gain anything from it. The only thing that ever happens is i get torn apart like in that thread.

    I spend most of my time reading/posting on XS.
  9. Hey Over, I'm Conumdrum on XS, send me a PM.
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