Computer will only boot at stock cpu settings, not under or overclock

Hi, after a recent move my computer will only boot at the stock settings (266x7)=1.86. Anything above or below this will just cause it to hang while displaying the BIOS splash screen. This computer has been running at around 2.9GHz for the better part of 3 years with no problems until now. I could understand if the overclocking has damaged the cpu so that I had to reduce the overclock but it seems pretty weird that it would prevent it from underclocking as well. Does anyone have an ideas on what would be causing this?

Computer is a C2D 6300, 2x2Gb of generic DDR2 800mhz, Gigabyte Ga-965P-DS3P, Coisair TX750 PSU and inside a Antec 900 case.

Thanks in advance guys and girls
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  1. Thats a really strange problem. Have you tried to reset the bios then start from the beginning?
  2. I have just updated the bios with no luck, the problem remains the same. I tried adjusting the ram settings but that didn't change anything. I am running the RC of windows 7 build 7100.
  3. Try this:
    disable c1e and cpu enhanced state in the bios then set the pci-e speed to auto. Reboot then go in bios and see if you can over clock.
  4. I have done everything you said, I think I remember the C1e thing from before but hasn't made a difference. Nothing I seem to change in the bios has affected my ability to overclock. I have been attempting to go from a FSB of 266 to 270 with a voltage of 1.35, the same voltage I used when running a 2.9Ghz clock. This is so unusual
  5. Could just be your CPUs had it and is starting to die. Then again it could also be the north bridge on your motherboard has had it and will no longer handle an increased FSB. You may want to try overclocking that CPU on another board to determine if it's the CPU or the motherboard that is giving you trouble.
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    Castilo, after doing some research this is a common problem for gigabyte boards. There seems to be a beta bios flash in the making, but i doubt they will release it for your old board.
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  8. Thanks guys, well since I just got my first ever real job this was probably a good time for it to die. Now the decision is i5 or i7 haha and I guess my gf gets a new motherboard for her PC. Overshocked if you are still reading this thread would you be able to link me to the site that described my problem? Thanks, Luke
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