Two different speed HDD's

I have a 1.5TB Western Digital HDD 3.0 Gb/s internal drive with 64MB cache

attached to an Asus M4A785-M board

and I would like to attach some extra SATA HDD's to the same board which are slower than the above. Will attaching slower drives to that board slow my reads and writes on the 1.5T drive? All the SATA interfaces are on the board. Just wondering if attaching slower drives will slow down this one or not. I have a bunch of old drives that I want to use as backup image locations. I just don't want to slow things down by attaching them. I know it would have slowed down using an IDE but haven't really tried it with SATA.

I would just try it and test but my components are still being shipped by newegg and I'm debating about whether to just get some similar speed drives as the Western Digital versus using the older ones.
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    No, the 1.5TB HD won't be affected. Each device has its own transfer rate, so putting more won't hurt the transfer rate of the 1.5TB drive.
  2. Thank you very much for the prompt reply. That is very helpful information. BTW, I am responding to this message with voice recognition software on windows seven so if this message comes across strangely I apologize.
  3. > I am responding to this message with voice recognition software on windows seven...

    I'm impressed that the message appears to be 100% perfect. Are you using the voice recognition built into Windows 7, or are you using a third-party package?
  4. No worries. That message came out clean. Very clean, in fact. It was perfectly understandable. Like sminlal said, did you use the voice recognition built into windows 7, or are you using a different software?
  5. The native win 7 tool. Works great navigating between windows. Don't try it in a loud room though.
  6. Cool. I think I might experiment with it a bit...
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  8. make sure to check out the list of code words windows provides.

    for instance you can say "switch to Microsoft Outlook" and it will alt tab over for you but if you say "open Microsoft Outlook" it will open a new instance of it or if you say "go to Microsoft Outlook" it will pretend it doesn't know what you're saying.

    Have a blast. It's not an everyday thing to do because pointing and clicking is faster but if you're getting dressed and need to send out an email while tripping over your trousers it will get two things done at once.
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