Critique this bundle deal

Mate is upgrading from a slow dual, cant remember the exact specs but it crashes when you leave Vault 101 in FO3 :D

Heres my thoughts on it (emailed it him earlier):

Not a bad deal. The RAM is at 800mhz which is good. The onboard chipset is a bit old, but it will do.
The socket is an AM2+ so if you can upgrade to a quad at a later date, any chip lout now plus the new Phenom 2 (which looks really good!) which comes out next month.

These are the worst reviews of the board, nothing out the ordinary

Its a cheapy though. 2GB RAM might be about 20 quid, this board 40 or so, so your getting a tri for 60 which is the real bargain. Has low clock speeds but it has the revised stepping on it so you could overclock it a few hundred.

Anything i missed?
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  1. is this thread for the BE edition @ £129 or for the standard @ £199, if its the Later, Maplin are overpriced in the UK, for the same bundle, u can knock roughly £60 off of the price and still have better ram sticks from a retail brand (OCZ, Corsair).

    do u need a built in graphics card, or have u a decent graphics card already, as a ATI HD4670 graphics card with delivery on all items, should put u roughly £20 over the bundle price, with the ability to outperform the bundled deal by miles.

    if its for the BE phenom x3, then yes its not a bad price, although i believe that the standard @ £199 can be brought down to the BE price range if u baught the items seperate from another retail seller.

    AMD Phenom 8450 Socket AM2+ Triple-Core Processor - Retail


    ECS GF8100VM-M3 AM2+,DDR2,GBLan,mATX


    FoxConn A78AX-K AM2 Plus, DDR2, SATA2, PCI-E2, 5.1Snd, ATX


    Corsair TwinX 2Gb DDR2-6400 Memory with Heat Spreader

    bundle price with ECS mobo £145 inc delivery
    bundle price with Foxcon mobo £155 inc delivery

    i believe that these would give u a better performance boost, and give u a better upgrade ready for the Pheno 2 CPU at a later date.

    good luck
  2. Yup that does look better, i believe he is running an Nvidia 8500 so i imagine he plans to look at a GPU as well. If he doesnt then he needs a slap tbh.
    The deal he was looking at was the B stock £129....i do not know if its the BE chip or not.

    Thanks for the links, ill pass em on. Anyone ever OC'd one of these, assuming BE with stock HSF?
  3. That's not BE that is B grade . Means it is customer return or damaged packaging or something like that. Misco is quite expensive. I normally shop at or
    Check out this :

    AMD PhenomX3 8450 AM2+ 2.1GHz 3.5MB Cache

    Crucial 2GBKIT (1GBX2) 240PIN DDR2 PC2-6400 NON ECC

    Asus AM2+ GeForce 8200 ATX DDR2 AUDIO LAN

    Total £141.08 including delivery and that is not B grade CPU and I believe better m/b
  4. Yea thx man i just txt him telling him not to do something dumb and order it today.
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