Maxtor 3200 personal storage problems

hi, i have a maxtor personal storage 3200 500gb, on day i backed all my files onto the hdd to do a reformat of my computer, wheni was done i wanted to put files back but when i powered up the hdd using the proper power cable nothing happened, no little green light and no hdd spin, so i thought it was the usb adapter and opened the casing and put the hdd into a desktop as a slave and nothing happened, it wouldnt even see it in strtup dos, but strangely if i put power to the adapter it works when the hdd isnt present, but plug it in and it wont work again, this is disturbing and i hve not warranty so any help or solutions would be brilliant, thank you

Rockstar skippy
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  1. If it isn't recognized in the bios, it is dead.
    If it is recognized in the bios, run Seatools and data recovery software.
  2. Thank you, will try and hope it works
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