More frequent freezes, due to gpu overclocking? help!

ever science i overclocked my gpu my computer started freezing alot more and i dont know if they are connected, because my overclock is pretty stable and i have a themalright t-rd 2 that keeps everything really cool, 35c idle and 57c load.
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  1. Well, run furmark to see if your GPU overclock is stable...
  2. i have run furrmark numerous times, and it looks pretty stable, i dont get any artifacts, but im also not sure what mode to run it in and i don't know what to look for on an unstable core or memory clock.
  3. What are the temps on the GPU while running Furmark?

    Is your cpu overclocked? What do you mean by freezing? BSOD's, screen lags?
  4. while running furmark stability test on max res, with no msaa my max temp id 58c
    i am yet to overclock my cpu and i dont have the blue screen, just strait up screen freezes.
  5. Its really hard to determine with such little info dude. I would update the video drivers, then see if that stops the screen freezes. Then i would back off my overclock to see if that stopped them.
  6. while honestly that's all the info i have, but thanks anyway ill just back off my overclock and see if that helps.
  7. Seriously man, if i was having the problem, that is exactly what i would do. A real short and sweet way to see if your overclock is affecting your system.
  8. Overclocking my gpu temp is normal 73c and load 85c overclocking its memory about increasing 10mhz gives me red lines on my screen but overclocking its core speed from 450 to 495 is stable.........??????????
  9. Usually, you would overclock your GPU first. Once you find the maximum speed, then you start overclocking the memory because it's more sensitive.
  10. As far as I know increasing frequencies (without tweaking voltages) still has an impact on power draw. If you detail what what hardware you have someone might be able to tell you if power draw is the problem.

    Also if your gpu overclock is stable when doing furmark then what are you doing when you're computer freezes? Gaming? You may have issues with your overclock only when the cpu is working hard as well. I suggest running prime 95 (to stress the cpu) and furmark at the same time to see if this causes your instability issues (but keep an eye on temperatures). Just leave one thread of your processor free for furmark (eg I have a quad core with hyperthreading = 8 threads. I would run 7 threads of prime95 and leave the last one for furmark).
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