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Hi. Will i see a performance boost from a 9600gt to a 4850 or 9800gt+. I have to spend 50$ to upgrade.

I play games like COD4, CIV, dark space, at 1440x900, and want to have the most power efficient card, because my comp is idling 90% of the time.

What do you recommend? Thanks in advance
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  1. For power efficiency, I'd recommend shutting down your PC while you're not using it. If it idles 90% of the time, it's wasting energy completely. No point in being on at all. Even at idle, it will draw power, and components will wear out (not like you'd keep any part that long anyhow).

    I'm not familiar with Dark Space, but I can't see why you'd need anything much more than a 9600GT for COD4, since that was a pretty decent card.

    For $50, I'm not sure you can buy a better card than a 9600GT.

    Go here for card prices & recommendations:

    Oh, and to answer your question. The 4850 would give you a performance increase over your 9600GT (keep in mind, this also depends on the rest of your system, and whether your CPU is a bottleneck or not).
  2. The 9600gt is a pretty efficient card. If you're only playing at that resolution, I wouldn't bother upgrading it.
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