If your overclocking, does it matter if you update your bios version?
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  1. Depends what the updated bios provides. In many cases (especially with the i7) a bios flash will allow for a much higher overclocm. Just make sure you flash it right, or else you will have a dead board.
  2. Hmmm. So I updated my bios using steps set up by the Q-flash for gigabyte and the website had about 4 or 5 updates that I needed. So I went ahead and put that all in my flash drive. Now when I'm updating my bios, do I need to install all of them? Because it sounds like when I install a different one, it deletes the other. BUT they all are different updates...

    So in short, I've been trying to tinker with my overclocking because I've been looking around online about people having the same cpu as me (Q9550 quad core), and they manage to overclock a hell of a lot more than I can. I understand that all chips are different but, the difference is crazy. When leaving all my voltages at auto and everything else, but changing my bus speed to 419 (8.5X419) i get to 3.57. IT WILL NOT GO TO 420 with auto voltages and manual set voltages, I even set the Vcore to 1.5 just to see if that would work lol.

    I don't know if I'm just being a noob lol and pestering people, but it's just really frustrating...

    Thanks for the help :)
  3. You will need to increase other voltages like the NB voltage and make sure the memory is still running within spec because when you raise the FSB you also raise the speed of the ram.

    To flash it read the PDF on this page:

    Then read this:
    ^LSD is a really good guy and a better overclocker.
  4. hahah thank u soo much gonna work on it when I have time
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