Problem installing dell desktop system software

problem installing dell desktop system software on an XPS/Dimension. I run setup, the Installation wizard starts, it does it\'s thing, I reboot and I don\'t see it anywhere. It\'s not in my programs list, no icon on the desktop, and when I look in the destination folder, the only exe file I see is Setup. Any thoughts?
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  1. It depends on what your "desktop system software" consist of. Many setup files are just loaders that need to go back to the internet to retrieve the files needed to complete the project. What is supposed to be installed by your "Setup"???

  2. @JLGODshall
    do dis first go to start > run > services.msc
    find dis "DCOM server process launcher" duble click on it go to general tab
    check start up typ n if it will b disable den change to automatic n aftr start service status aftr reboot ur pc den try to install ur softwere
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