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So I've had my 4870x2 for about a month now and just as of the last couple of days I've been having a buzzing noise coming from it whenever I'm running a 3D application. The buzzing noise will also occur when I scroll down with my mouse while I'm browsing forums, however it is less noticeable. I've read some articles about it on other websites with no definitive answer and I did a quick search here but didn't see anything concerning this problem (sorry if it was already posted). It's not the fan, I can turn the fan down to the lowest setting or to the highest setting and it won't make the noise unless it's in a game. Somewhere I read that it was a coil hum. Not sure what that is at all. I have the latest 8.10 drivers. System specs are: Asus Rampage Formula Mobo, Q9550 CPU 2.83ghz, 8gb Patriot Viper ram 1066, Diamond 4870x2, 750w Corsair PSU. I'm at a loss. Some people say they have the same problem and still experience it with multiple cards. I'm wondering if this buzzing would go away on a different 4870x2 but I don't want to RMA it if it won't. It just seems wierd that this has happend now after owning the card for roughly a month. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Edit: The buzzing is more noticeable in Warhammer Online then it is in WoW or Crysis Wars.
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  1. sounds like faulty transistor.

    try to replace the card
  2. alvine said:
    sounds like faulty transistor.

    try to replace the card

    Not transistor. Those little cylinder bulbs are called capacitors. :p

    But yeah, if you overvolted pcie bus, turn it back to normal. Also, it may be from other parts of the computer, like motherboard, and not necessarily graphics card.
  3. Is there a way for me to determine what is the cause, short of having to try out different hardware with the card? I can try putting the gpu in a diff comp but short of that Is there any other way? Thanks again for the replies.
  4. Def worth trying the card in another comp just to make sure its the card making the noise.
    Ive heard faulty psu's making a similar noise , but guess you can tell yourself where the sound is coming from. If the card still makes the buzz in another comp then def rma it. Goodluck
  5. If you have a turkey baster or something like that, you can take the squeeze bulb off, put the tube part to your ear, and with the other end, probe for the sound. (small end to probe)

    Might sound kind of stupid, but mechanics have used this technique to pinpoint engine noise for years and years.
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