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I'm building a new pc, i7 920, and I'm weighing up my cooling options right now. I'd been intending to go for a tower cooler, probably the Noctua NH U12 SE, but I've been reading a lot of very favourable reviews of the Corsair H50 in recent days, so I'm starting to think about that instead.

The problem is, in alot of the forum discussions about the cooler there's a lot of tower cooler loveboys, or Watercooler purists, who throw alot of hate at the system because it's neither one nor the other, and it's diffcult to find any real feedback from H50 owners.

There's a number of reasons I like the thought of using an H50 over a tower cooler, but they're not really relevant, because I have no experience with the system.

So I'm asking if you've got an H50, what's your feeling about it. Good? Bad? Average? How has it overclocked? How has it performed? Has it met your expectations or fallen short?

If you have no experience with the system, please don't post, cos I already know the "TRUE 120 beats everything in air cooling" etc etc and that "only a real WC loop counts" etc etc

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts
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  1. Have you visited the Corsair forums to see what actual users are saying?
  2. There is a GINORMOUS thread about the H50 at, check it out! Something like 200+ owners and more than 300 pages of talk.
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