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i have the gigaware IDE HD case for connecting a 3 1/2" ide hard drive out of a computer for use as an external drive. it worked beautifully the first two days. i transfered music from the external to the laptop HD. the laptop has vista, and the ext. hd has xp as the OS since it came out of my desktop that crashed from a bad MOBO. i was going to attempt to delete the os off the ext. hd but it will not register on the laptop. when unhooked from the laptop, the blue light is on. once i plug it into the laptop, and it registers that something extra was plugged in, the light turns off on the drive. it will blink once every 2 minutes or so, but will not show up on the computer at all. i have tried everything i can think of but i am completely unable to access the drive. i have reinstalled the drive twice, disabled and then reinabled the drive, and have triple checked the connections. is there a problem with my computer or is it a problem with the drive bay?
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  1. to add information.. the external drive has a blue light on it that indicates whether there is power and whether the drive is actively transfering data. the laptop will not let me do anything to the drive but uninstall and disable through device manager. i cannot find it anywhere else on this laptop. there is power going to the external drive, and the drive is not faulty
    (((i know this because it works in the computer that 'died' that it came out of. the old computer works when it wants to, but has severe issues that make it considered nonfunctional. those problems irrelevant though)))
    In My Computer, there is c, d, and the dvd drive. it is refusing to find the external drive which was labeled F: by default.
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