Q6600 PSU and MBM-5

Newbie here.... just bought a used and never clocked q6600 Asus P5k and hooked it up to my PSU which is a 700w Rockfish.

Installed MBM 5 and CPU-Z and the first thing I run into with MBM-5 set up is the volt reading on what is supposed to be 2.5 volts - the main volt line..... mine reads 2.3v and this is the first temp reading or core 0 I think. the next volt reading is 3.4 volts. working through the MBM-5 set up instructions, it seams that my 2.3v should be 2.5 and my 3.4v should be more like 2v or even less.

right off the start I have no idea if this right, and now I suspect my PSU is bad/weird/wrong. Before I start any tweaks i would like get past this hurdle. Another thing... my PSU specs are hard to read - have to take the darn thing out to find what my amp rating is... I assume/hope that this 700w model has the amps I need/want which is at or above 30 if i read the guides correct.

I don't want to super overclock this thing - I do some video and photo editing and if I can tweak a few things to get safely to 3.0 (or whatever) Then I can claim clocking brag rights and be member of Club OC and hopefully improve my processing times editing..... also, I have a Zalhman fan cooler, haven't done anything yet and I run 22-24c.

Don't know why my fan stopped registering - it was registering yesterday. another issue i guess....

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  1. WOW dude!

    So normally a PSU has some difference between the voltage it is supposed to be providing and the voltage coming out of it. Like my +12v rail gives off something like 12.2v. Your rails are supplying really bad voltages. If this is a new build i would recommend buying a PSU tester to see if those reading sure correct. If they are correct return the PSU and buy a more reputable brand like corsair.

    If you overclock like that you will have random crashes because the rails are giving off the wrong voltage. In fact i wouldnt be surprised if you crashed when you fully loaded up the system now. Those are dangerous voltages (if they are correct) and may damage the MOBO and the GPU if you continue to run the system with that PSU.
  2. I am going to test and probably replace PSU..... I have had a bad feeling about this PSU for others reasons. I can't think of any reason why MBM-5 would be showing wrong numbers...

    and now I am going to turn off my PC.

  3. No prob dude.
  4. New Antec earthwatts 650 , and the power readings are ..... I don't know what they are, some seem real bad still
    I have no idea whats going on here.

  5. OK... CPU-Z indicates my core voltage at 1.15 or so.... and the MBM-5 reading also verified with a reading from Everest monitor indicate the 3.4 to 3.5 volt reading is ok or normal..... so the only abnormality I can see is the 8v reading that should be 12v.... any ideas.
  6. OK... OK...

    Stuck a multi meter into main plug and everything tested 3.3v or 5v or 12v, except the green wire appeared to be unpowered I think.

    agree that I should ignore the 8v reading on the 12v line?
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    Yeah, like i said mbm can not always be trusted. Check what it says in your bios under pc health status.

    And the most accurate way is always a multimeter or psu tester.
  8. Yeah, like i said mbm can not always be trusted. Check what it says in your bios under pc health status.

    And the most accurate way is always a multimeter or psu tester.
  9. Summary....

    I abandoned MBM-5, didn't work for me. Coretemp and CPU-Z worked for me and provided the info I needed to get through my overclocking efforts. I now have a new PSU (thanks to MBM-5) and an extra functional PSU that makes a great paper weight. IF you have PSU questions.... get a multitester save some time.

    to go along with this.... in my attempts to deal with the power supply and voltage settings needed for overclocking I ended up with a burned memory stick. Don't know if I burned it while working with erroneous PSU/voltage readings or not. I ran some memory test early on in the overclocking and although I only ran the test for about 1/2 hour, I didn't expect any memory problems. after getting this all figured out the 1 failed stick fails memtest... IMMEDIATELY..... thousands of errors - no dought the stick is toast, so it got trashed somewhere during the my attempts to tweak the overclocking via MBM-5.

    once I discovered the memory stick problem my overclocking goals were achieved and coretemp and PSU-z worked. so does my multitester.

    David A.
  10. The green wire, when grounded, turns on the PSU. With the PSU off, it will have 5 volts on it. When temporarily grounded, about 2 ma. (.002 amps) flows through it. This turns on the PSU.

    A digital multimeter can read this. An analog meter may not be able to.
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