Why is my SSD dropping space itself?

I don't install anything on it, and it has nothing except Windows 7, Firefox, and Avast on my SSD. Yet it keeps dropping in space; yesterday night it was 53.0 GB left in space, ten minutes ago it was 52.1, now its 52.0.
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  1. Try running CC Cleaner and see if that helps. I suspect that it may have something to do with a lot of temporary files, i.e. internet files, etc...
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    The two classic hidden space consumers are the Recycle Bin and Restore Points.

    Don't forget to check the recycle bin for EVERY account on the system - each account has it's own.

    For restore points, check this article:,review-1179-2.html
  3. hehe, yes sir, windows 7 performs so much different crap onto a drive. I switched my offline cache for IE8 which was 1GB to my HDD and disabled restore so theses things don't happen, but be careful about disabling restore if you do stupid things on your computer and wreck it alot, this might be a useful tool :)
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