Which Monitor should I get

I am now going to purchase a new 22" LCD and I really had no idea which to choose, these are the monitors i had in mind

Samsung 2253LW
Contrast Ratio : 8000:1
Brightness : 300nit
Respond time : 2ms
Price : RM669(USD191)

LG W2252TQ
Contrast Ratio : 10000:1
Brightness : 300nit
Respond time : 2ms
Price : RM619(USD176)

HP w2207/w2208
Contrast Ratio : 3000:1 (I'm not really sure about this)
Brightness : ???
Respond time : 5ms/3ms
Price : RM1100(USD314)/RM1200(USD342)

This is really confusing because the HP monitor has a low contrast ratio but a really high price compared to LG and Samsung, and I'm now wondering can i really see the differences between 3000:1 and 10000:1 despite the price of the monitor, and of course the design for w2207/w2208 is better than it's competitors, but did it really worth for the extra cash ?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Go for Samsung... I'd pay extra if its an IPS panel, unfortunately the above are all TN panels, so I wouldn't pay the extra.
  2. Erm..I don't understand what's IPS and TN panels, mind to explain ?

  3. Look for a monitor with a larger viewing angle, like 178/178 degrees Horizontal/Vertical.
    Lesser monitors with 160/160 H/V angle make you keep your head positioned exactly in the center of the display, or the colors look washed out.
    These will be more expensive, but you will be looking at it for a long time.
  4. Have something in your mind ?
    I have no idea where to start looking at, some candidates please lol

  5. Okay, I found something, is Samsung 2233BW, is it a MVA/PVA or a TN panel ?
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