Need a stress test.

Hi, im looking for a tool that puts heavy load on my system, while measuring and recording my system temps for the duration of the test. Whats good for this?
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  1. OCCT is the only program that will record temps while you run the test, but there is also prime 95 which will stress the system harder, but you will need to open up a separate program like core temp to be able to see the temps throughout the test.


    Core Temp:
  2. Prime95 will really stress out your processor and uses all available cores. There are 4 different tests to choose from and they are self-explanatory. I'd use the program Core Temp and setup a log file and core temp will keep track of your cpu temp while the stress test is running.

    This link shows almost every benchmark known to man (except the two I mentioned):
  3. great all, ill try those then, thanks.
  4. Yeah no prob, the load of OCCT vs. Prime 95 is minnimal. So if you want to leave a test running overnight then comeback in the morning and see how high the temps went throughout the test, then OCCT is the program for you.
  5. The latest OCCT is amazing. Exactly what i was looking for, and more. CoreTemp with its logging feature is super handy as well. Thanks.
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