Win 7 on RAID 0 wont boot after system crash

Phenom II x4 955
G Skill 4GB 1600 77724
Gigabyte MA790FXT
ATI 5850
2x WD Black 500 GB HD in RAID 0 on-board southbridge (AMD, not Gigabyte) RAID Controller

Ok so about two days ago I lost power with my system on. So of course I think ah crap, my data is toast. Restart the computer later
and it works fine, play some games, do some NWN II building, no problems.

Then last night I was playing IL-2 Sturmovik, great game especially with ultr@pack 2.0n, and my computer crashes to a BSOD. Now I think I was playing IL-2 when I lost power as well, don't remember for certain though.

So again I restart the computer. It goes thru post fine, RAID initializes, then when it is supposed to boot, it just sits there, cursor blinking. Won't boot from the RAID. I can boot from CD, I can boot from my old hard drive into Win XP, but nothing from my RAID.

So I try the Win 7 repair disk I made, install the RAID drivers. My RAID is detected. I tell the repairer to fix issues that are stopping win 7 from booting. Win 7 repairer says there are no problems. So I restart the computer, same problem...

The only solution I can think of is trying to restore an older image, but that would result in data lose.

Anyone know of a way to make it so Win 7 will boot again?
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  1. I went into the RAID configuration and it said that the array was functional. Whats the deal? Can someone help me?
  2. Raid Verify?
  3. if you boot into the raid manager before windows. there should be a verify/repair
    but with raid 0 there are no promises. striping has zero fault tolerance.
  4. I entered my RAID Option program after post. I dont see an option called verify or repair. This is what I see:

    1: View Drive Assignments
    2: Define LD
    3: Delete LD
    4: Controller configuration

    Nothing in any sub-menus about repairing either.
  5. My array seems fine. I have Win XP on another HD running. I installed the RAID drivers and I can access my RAID. I've started backing up files from my RAID.

    I just don't understand why Windows 7 will not boot.
  6. Well, looks like I stumped Toms Hardware.
  7. So I backed up the data I could from Win XP. I'm re-imaging my RAID now. Back-ups are important!

    In any event, thanks for the suggestions jbrealey!
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