BSOD Memory Dumpage?!?!?

jeez. well, my sister's computer just ran into some problems. She can't even start her computer in safe mode wtihout it BSOD'ing, but what happens it says can't lcate system32, and then it says physical memory dumpage processing, then it will say completed. Then When I turn it back on, it just does the same thing over and over again!! The thing is is that we can't have the HDD erased. Did the Memory go bad, or is it Windows?? Thanks!
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  1. What changes did you make? If no changes were made recently, you may have a bad stick of memory. If you added more memory, what is the voltage requirement? Some memory runs higher than 1.8 volts (ddr2 standard). You can format the hardrive using the windows dvd or the hardrive software, available for download. I use maxblast for maxtor drives. I don't recommend formatting the drive until you're sure you're memory is ok. Memtest is a free download, but you may have to remove the memory and test it in another system. If you added a video card, then maybe the power supply isn't strong enough to run it. And finally, if you have to format the drive, some software venders, listed on pricewatch, have dell oem windows dvd's for around $16 shipped. The dell windows dvd will reload windows, and you can reactivate windows using the coa sticker number on your case.
  2. Harrmph,the other thing that you might do is to hook up your sister's hdd to another computer as a slave drive extract all the stuff you do not want to loose then put it back and fool with it as needed without having to worry about loosing anything,system32 is a windoze subdirectory,look for it when you slave the hdd,maybe it has been erased???,you could try copying the directory over from another hdd,could be risky,windoze might work,but,any applications probable won't,until reinstalled..:)
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