Hard Drive Down! Help!

Ok, I have a customer that contacted me the other day and said that their computer wouldn't boot. I had my partner go out and look at it and he determined it to be a bad hard drive. Of course they have no backups and wanted to know what to do. He said that it might be possible to do a data recovery.

When connected to my computer the hard drive is sometimes recognized and sometimes not. It is not making any grinding noises at this point.

So here is my dilemma. I have tried chkdsk, GetDataBack, Easyus Data Recovery, ontrack data recovery, and some others. Nothing has worked. EasyUS gave me a couple file trees but nothing else. Almost everything is just saying bad blocks/error reading.

After all of this the customer is yelling at me saying it is taking too long.

Do I just give up?
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  1. I have read posts that suggest putting the drive in a freezer overnight can sometimes revive it for long enough to get data off it. If you try this, once you hook up the frozen drive be ready to transfer all the data to another drive ASAP as there's no guarantee how much time you'll have before the drive dies again.
  2. This would appear to be the only option

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