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I'm still pretty new to this forum but I have done some research of the ups and downs of overclocking. Some say dont even try to overclock and some say its the best thing. But does overclocking really reduce the life/damage of the part you are over clocking in the long run? (GPU, MOBO, etc.) Is it easy to fry the part too? Is it worth it? I wasnt planning on overclocking anything but I'm just curious in case I might and get some general knowledge too. If you have heard of any other risks/advantages about clocking please bring it up.
Any answers/questions/replies are appreciated.
Thank You.
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  1. Just to give you an idea of "responsible over clocking"...

    I have a b3 q6600 that has only been at stock frequency to install windows. Since then, it has Never run below 3 GHz, currently at 3.20

    If you do your reading and don't go for a high over clock, your parts should last a long time. Keep temperatures low and and voltage within specs, and there should be no problems.
  2. How do I overclock? Is there any programs or anything i can use to make it easier for me?
  3. A listing of your components especially CPU / MoBo / Memory would be helpful
  4. squirrel15 said:
    How do I overclock? Is there any programs or anything i can use to make it easier for me?

    There are some overclocking utilities, mostly for GPU, but the best way to overclock would be to overclock in the bios. It's not particularly hard, just that you need to read up on the specifications, and the best way to go about changing settings. Methods are different for different types of processors.
  5. My MOBO:
    My Memory:
    My CPU is the i5-750 Intel:

    I'm sorry, I'm so new to this stuff but what bios? How would I get there?
    I know this is off topic but will an ATI 5770 work with this MOBO even though its not a P55?
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    The 5770 is a good choice as long as you don't plan to use 1920 resolution and want to play Dx11 games.

    As for should see a message on screen something like "Hit DEL for access to setup" as soon as you boot machine.
    Look for an OC Guide specific to your MoBo by using web search like Yahoo or Google. But simply's a sample for an i7-920

    BCLK off 133 x 20 CPU multiplier = 2.66 GHz CPU speed
    BCLK off 133 x 8 memory multiplier = 1066 MHz memory speed

    12.5 % OC
    BCLK off 150 x 20 CPU multiplier = 3.00 GHz CPU speed
    BCLK off 150 x 8 memory multiplier = 1200 MHz memory speed

    25% OC
    BCLK off 167 x 20 CPU multiplier = 3.33 GHz CPU speed
    BCLK off 167 x 8 memory multiplier = 1333 MHz memory speed

    37.5% OC
    BCLK off 183 x 20 CPU multiplier = 3.67 GHz CPU speed
    BCLK off 183 x 8 memory multiplier = 1467 MHz memory speed

    50% OC
    BCLK off 200 x 20 CPU multiplier = 4.00 GHz CPU speed
    BCLK off 200 x 8 memory multiplier = 1600 MHz memory speed

    Changing the BCLK OC's the system. CPU voltage and RAM voltage generally need to be boosted as you get past the 3.67 range.
  7. Wow thanks a lot! This really helps.
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