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So I have a HAF-922 case, and a Rampage II Extreme MOBO. Where should I plug the fans in so that they are managed more appropriately? (ie. not running all the time) The computer is running quite cool.

Specific advice appreciated! :hello:
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  1. I assume you mean you want to control the RPM of your fans? Newegg sells fan controllers if thats what you're looking for? Or are you asking where to place your fans on the case? If so, what are your options?
  2. You can also try some software programs like speedfan, which might work for ya, or you can manually adjust speeds in your BIOS as well.
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    there should be a q-fan control in your bios. Is it the noise of the fans that is bothering you? if so, q-fan control in bios or get the speed-fan program adamh9 talked about. If the noise isn't bothering you, leave them on full. its easier to replace a shot fan then shot Hardware. the cooler the better.
  4. oh , are your fan's hooked up directly to your Power Supply? or do you have them plugged into your mobo? go do your Motherboard brand's website and download the manual. it will tell you where to plug the fans into the motherboard.
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