WC Loop order using 2 reservoirs

just like the title said, im trying to figure out the loop order involving 2 reservoirs.

my gears:
1. Apogee XT cpu waterblock
2. EK universal gpu block
3. EK-Multioption 250 reservoir
4. Swiftech MCRES Micro Revision 2 reservoir

plz help me and TQ :pt1cable:
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  1. ah, forgot...

    5. Feser 240 radiator
  2. Why would you need two resses?

    Res before pump and build it.
  3. ^ Agreed. Unless you have another pump and planning to do 2 loops (one for CPU other for GPU) you don't need a 2nd res.

    @OP: List full specs for CPU, GPU,etc.
  4. i savaged the old res and try to include it in my new build.thats why i have 2 res
  5. If you're not planning to do two loops then only one reservoir is needed. I don't see any benefit of using two in the same loop.
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