Fsb (reference clock) theory question

I just have a theory question here.

If I set FSB (reference clock) on my MB to 400 and then changed my NB multiplyer to 5 (from 10) so it still get 2000. And change my ram speed from 400 to 200, and my HT multiplyer from x4 to 2x. then finally lowered my processor multiplyer from 14 to 7.

(bascically double FSB and half all multipliers) would my computer just be back at stock (no OC). I think this is the way that it works, I am just not sure if the FSB (reference clock) actually does anything but act as a mutliplyer?
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  1. I think you're talking about the FSB ratio. You can set a base frequency for the FSB itself, which is how you can maximize both the ratio and final FSB speed.
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